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Consumer behaviourist Ross Honeywill, a former director of KPMG (Asia Pacific), founded the Social Intelligence Lab to continue and expand his forensic research linking discretionary spending and psychological profiling.  

Having spent more than a decade analysing data from 800,000 respondents across 3 continents, his research explains the links between high-value consumption and the personal values and attitudes that drive it. And this landmark research has, for the first time, identified a New Economic Order (NEO); a growing class of high-value consumers that is powering the economy and re-imagining society. It defines who spends the most – most frequently – and provides rich insights into their behaviours, lifestyles and attitudes. Critically, it also identifies what differentiates high-value NEOs from all other consumers.   

His best-selling book, NEO POWERhow the new economic order is changing the way we live, work, and play, published by Scribe, was launched to critical acclaim in Australia and went immediately to the top ten best-seller list.  It is available from Readings in SE Asia or from Amazon internationally. 

Ross Honeywill formed NEO Consulting Group to operationalize the NEO typology with clients in Australia, New Zealand and North America. 

The NEO Consulting Group has an alliance partnership with Roy Morgan International to map NEOs across all consumption variables on the Roy Morgan Single Source database (120,000 respondents per year) in Australia, the USA, New Zealand and the UK.



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