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The New Economic Order - Overview

What is this New Economic Order? Who are these NEOs who offer the potential for significant commercial return and social tranformation?

The pages which follow (use links on left) provide a glimpse of the New Economic Order in North America. They illustrate how NEOs are powering the economy, promoting a new social compact and producing a radically changed workplace. And they show how different NEOs are from Traditionals at the other end of the spectrum.  

As a snapshot, NEOs are a formidable Social Segment. They have progressive social and political attitudes, they earn and spend more than anyone else, are digital activists (living much of their lives online), are natural leaders and control freaks, and actively redefine their world and the rules of engagement for businesses that inhabit their world.

To qualify as NEOs, individuals must have high levels of past, present and intended spending – they must score in the top 25 percent on 12 discretionary spending factors.  And they must exhibit both the underlying attitudes that equate to high spending and the behaviours that signal spending motivation – they must score in the top 40 percent on 184 NEO attitudinal and behavioural factors.

There are 6 million NEOs in Canada, and 60 million in the USA.

Enjoy the NEO journey.

Except where otherwise noted, the data shown on these pages was derived by applying NEO algorithms to Roy Morgan Single Source data. 

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