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NEOs differ from Traditionals fundamentally




  • Are attracted to status and ‘the deal’- motivated by discounts and price offers
  • Have a preference for function ahead of design; cost ahead of lasting quality
  • Tend to be conspicuous consumers – branded products are external symbols of who they are or what they do
  • Prefer the tried and true ahead of the new and challenging
  • See brands as shortcuts to certainty and symbols of belonging
  • Will buy luxury products if they can afford them, but do so infrequently. And when they do they are buying them for status rather than as a whispered secret to themselves.
  • Have a low internal locus of control and tend to believe life is determined by luck rather than any action they can take to influence outcomes
  • Are slower to adopt new technology with lower percentages using the internet regularly
  • Cross all age barriers but are more highly represented in the 50 age profiles
  • Prefer mass marketing and mass communication


  • Have a sense of investment when they buy – a bargain for a NEO is ‘something that is cheaper today than it will be tomorrow’  rather than ‘something that is cheaper today than it was yesterday’
  • Have low confidence that discounts and price offers will automatically deliver the quality experience they expect
  • Will focus on price only when they have low involvement with a purchase – when desire is not in play
  • Have a preference for premium-lifestyle products – the well designed, high-quality products at the top of every merchandise category
  • Are inconspicuous consumers – brands are secrets to be whispered to themselves and to others who share their values, rather than external symbols of who they are or what they do
  • Have a high appetite for all kinds of rich information and rich content – they read more, know more, expect more and will pay more
  • Are more willing than anyone else to try something new, to take the path least travelled
  • Are individualists with a high locus of control – they believe success is determined by planning rather than by luck
  • Regularly use, and are comfortable with, the internet – are happy to adopt new technology, but only when it delivers a service that matches their expectations and aspirations
  • Are socially active, have a strong sense of social and ethical responsibility, and like to convince others of their opinions
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